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I’m Sam, Nice to meet you!

I was a normal guy who was tired of working my 50+ hour a week soul crushing job and wanted more time and money for my family…

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. to a father who was an engineer and a mom who was a teacher. I followed the path you’re told to do and ended up working a corporate job in the area and making a decent enough living. But there were a couple problems…

I was working at a stressful 50 hour a week job, working for someone I didn’t like and most of all, wishing I had more time and freedom for me and my family. They deserved better. My wife deserved me to be around more and I wanted more time to be around my daughters as they grew up.

Eventually, I got into Real Estate and after trying and failing and trying and failing again, I got some wins and started to learn what worked with consistency. This led me to owning $45 million in assets, having 150+ single family rentals, flipping over 1,000 properties and running my own property management company. And it’s all been done in under 9 years and without using my own money. But the best part is that it’s given the time and freedom I’ve always wanted for me and my family.

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