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How to find deals?
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Real estate investing can be a lucrative business, but finding good deals is crucial. There are several out-of-the-box ways to uncover deals that can set you apart from the competition. Here are

  1. Attending Local Meetups where real estate agents, wholesalers, and other investors gather to buy and sell properties. These meetups can be a great way to meet people who are coming across deals and looking to sell them. By getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people in person, you can build relationships and find deals that you wouldn't have otherwise.
  2. Finding Wholesalers is also key to getting good deals in real estate investing. Wholesalers are salespeople who find deals, spend money on marketing, negotiate, meet sellers, analyze deals, and sell them to investors at a markup. You can find wholesalers on local real estate investing Facebook groups, which are available in every state and most major or mid-level cities. Contractors, hard money lenders, private money lenders, real estate agents, and wholesalers all hang out in these groups. Joining five Facebook groups in your local market and spending two minutes on each group every day for 30 days can help you figure out which groups and people are the best. Once you find the best groups, you can ask questions and find wholesalers there.
  3. Building Relationships through Networking and getting your name out there can also lead to finding deals. Attending local events, joining local organizations, and volunteering can help you meet people who may know of distressed properties. By building relationships and getting your name out there, you may come across leads that you wouldn't have otherwise. Overall, finding deals in real estate investing takes time, energy, and networking skills. However, by using these out-of-the-box methods, you can uncover deals and set yourself apart from the competition.
How to fund deals? Private lenders, hard money lenders and small local banks
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If you're looking to fund real estate deals, there are several options available to you. The first step is to understand the 'three bucket theory,' which breaks down funding into short-term, long-term, and backup funding.

For short-term funding, you can use hard money lenders, which are companies that lend money to investors for buying and rehabbing properties. Hard money lenders are more expensive than other sources, but they are willing to work with new investors and provide a second set of eyes to ensure the deal is good. To find hard money lenders, you can Google "hard money lenders near me" or attend local meetups where there are likely to be several hard money lenders looking for business.

For long-term funding, you can use small local portfolio lending banks and credit unions that specialize in investment property loans and keep the notes in-house to make money on interest. These lenders are ideal for the BRRRR strategy, which involves buying, rehabbing, renting, refinancing, and repeating. After purchasing and rehabbing the property, you can refinance it to get your money back and pay back the initial lender.

The two most common ways to finance a deal using other people's money are through hard money and private money. Private money lenders can be found within your network (family, friends, etc.) or finding people who want to diversify their portfolio. Private money terms usually range from 8 to 12 percent return rate, which is a good rate for buying property. Hard money rates typically range from 12 to 18 percent and come with more rules and regulations.

Finding funding sources is crucial to buying properties without using your own money. By understanding the three bucket theory and using hard money lenders, private money lenders, and banks for funding, you can fund your real estate deals and achieve financial success.

How to deal with tenants?
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Dealing with tenants can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. As a real estate investor with over 265 doors, I have learned that managing tenants can be extremely easy if you know what you're doing and set the property up for success. To limit turnover and increase cash flow, landlords should screen tenants thoroughly before approving them. This means taking the time to find the right tenant for the property and conducting background checks, credit checks, and contacting past landlords. By doing so, landlords can find good tenants who are more likely to stay for longer periods, reducing the cost of turnover. Additionally, landlords should communicate and set proper expectations with tenants throughout the entire pre-approval and approval process. This includes meeting with tenants at their current property to see how they are taking care of it and clearly stating lease expectations.

Setting rental prices is also an important aspect of dealing with tenants. It's important to research similar properties in the neighborhood, school district, and within a half-mile radius. It's recommended to price the rental at what other similar properties are getting or slightly below. To determine rental prices, Zillow is a popular tool, but it's important to note that the Zestimate may be on the conservative side. Other tools such as Rentometer can also be helpful. It's important to be familiar with the market and the area to accurately determine rental prices.

In conclusion, dealing with tenants can be a straightforward process if you follow best practices and set up the property to be maintenance-free. By keeping good records, training tenants, screening them thoroughly, setting proper expectations, and determining rental prices accurately, landlords can attract good tenants who will stay for a long time, pay on time, and take care of the property.

How to rehab?
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Rehabbing a property is both an art and a science. There are strategic ways to determine costs, but ultimately, different people will have different budgets and finished products. To accurately calculate rehab costs, it's important to know the cost of rehab before closing on a property, whether you plan to fix it up yourself or wholesale it to someone else. The first step in rehabbing a property is to secure the property and prevent any further damage. This includes buttoning up the property to prevent animals from getting in and fixing any roof leaks or broken windows. The second step is to turn on all utilities and get them in your name, including water, gas, and electricity. The third step is to completely demo and clean out the property to create a blank canvas to work with. The fourth step is to focus on plumbing and electric rough work, such as adding new sinks or light fixtures. This should be done before the walls are put back together to avoid making a mess.

To determine finishes for a rehab, look at recently sold houses in the area and match their level of finishes, rather than going overboard with expensive materials and custom cabinetry. There are three levels of rehab: simple cosmetic fix, a little bit more detailed, and rehabbing the entire house. Different people will have different budgets and finished products, but some guide points to get initial quick numbers are: a level two type rehab in the Midwest would cost around $30 to $35 per square foot, while a level three rehab would cost around $50 to $60 per square foot. However, it's important to get final bids from experienced contractors before finalizing rehab costs

To save money on rehab projects, always add 30 to 60 days to the end of the rehab schedule when running numbers, and add 10 to 15 percent on top of the budget to cover all repairs and holding costs. Additionally, it's important to let people know what you're looking for and why, especially when you're just starting out in real estate investing. This can include telling wholesalers, real estate agents, and attending local real estate meetup groups. Remember, the best way to learn is through experience and learning on the job.

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